As an experienced Emergency Room Trauma Nurse, Marjorie Chalfant has seen motorcycle victims injured and killed first hand…AND IN MOST CASES THE BIKER WASN’T AT FAULT!

Motorcycle accidents are most frequent when the biker is:

  • At an intersection;
  • In front of a car that didn’t stop at an intersection or traffic light (hit from behind);
  • Cut off by a car pulling out in front of them onto the highway (vehicles failing to yield);
  • Traveling with the right-of-way at an intersection when a car makes a left-hand turn into the biker’s lane; and
  • Hit by a vehicle making a lane (especially in blind spots)

Most often, the driver doesn’t see the motorcycle or misjudges its speed and/or distance. Car drivers frequently exclaim, “I didn’t see the motorcycle!” “It came out of nowhere!”

While 20% of all automobile crashes result in injuries or death, approximately 80% of all bikers are seriously injured or killed when a motorcycle is involved.