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Sarasota Bradenton  Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Attorney Marjorie Chalfant, R.N., J.D. is the lead attorney at the offices of The Nurse Attorney, P.A. in the Sarasota Bradenton area. Marjorie has spent over twenty-eight years in courtrooms representing injured victims and their families. She has been the lead counsel in jury trials involving brain damage, quadriplegia, misdiagnosis and death. Marjorie has tried multiple medical malpractice cases to verdict, along with auto accident, premises liability and other serious injury cases, and have obtained many multi-million dollar settlements and recoveries for her clients. Let our Sarasota Bradenton personal injury attorney put her years of experience, knowledge and dedication to work for you, and help you get the compensation you need and deserve when you have been injured because of another’s negligence or incompetence.

Whether you have been injured from malpractice, at work, on the road, or in public, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages suffered, including medical bills and lost income.

Unfortunately, healthcare providers, employers, negligent parties and their insurance companies hire aggressive adjusters and lawyers to try to pay as little as possible on your claim – or to deny any responsibility at all – if they can. Although you may be the injured victim,  the “burden of proof” will fall on you to prove that the other party is responsible for your injury and should compensate you for your harms and losses. Standing up to the insurance company defense lawyers and proving your case requires knowledge of the law and medicine as well as a thorough understanding of your immediate and long-term medical needs, in order to be fully compensated.

“What most lawyers DON’T know, a Nurse-Attorney DOES!”

For over a decade, Marjorie Chalfant worked as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in Central Florida hospitals and nursing homes. As she transitioned to a career in law, Marjorie combined her nursing knowledge and skills with her law practice.  Her combined experience in nursing and law makes her exceptional in handling medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

At The Nurse Attorney, P.A., we know the law – and we know the medicine! Our team is able to quickly evaluate your claim and let you know if you have an injury case that should be pursued for justice. We understand the medical aspects of severe injury and death claims, and we know the standard of care that should be provided. From a review of your medical records we are often able to discover what was going on “behind the scenes” in your medical records, including important information that may have been left out of the official record.

With Marjorie’s medical training and experience combined with her legal expertise she is able to communicate directly with medical professionals and your care providers, and communicate effectively with insurance companies and juries – without having to hire a nurse or other medical specialist to review the medical records and evaluate the medical care.  Marjorie’s dual expertise in the law and in medicine saves time and out-of-pocket costs for your case and enables us to provide exceptional representation to maximize your financial recovery. Contact our experienced Sarasota Bradenton personal injury attorney today.

The Nurse Attorney Advantage

Medical negligence cases are more complicated and difficult than most other personal injury claims, and should be handled by an attorney with special expertise and experience in this field.
Marjorie Chalfant is highly qualified for medical malpractice and accident injury cases.

  • She has more than 13 years’ of experience as a Critical Care Registered Nurse and worked in Intensive Care, Cardiac Care, Trauma & Emergency Room, and Surgical & Post-Operative/Recovery Room units.  While working in these high-intensity critical care units, she cared for patients of all ages with virtually every imaginable injury and condition.
  • Prior to her becoming a nurse and while attending nursing school, Marjorie worked as a Nursing Assistant in nursing homes throughout Florida.  She worked her way up the nursing ladder and gained invaluable experience and perspective.
  • Since 1992, Marjorie has applied her nursing expertise to representation of injured persons.  Not only does she know the law and rights of injured victims – she knows the medicine inside and out.
  • As a Nurse, Marjorie is familiar with medical records and knows how to read and “interpret” all of the information in the medical chart.  As an attorney, she knows how to apply the medicine to the law.
  • As an experienced Nurse-Attorney, Marjorie understands complex medical terminology, diagnoses, diagnostic and laboratory test results, medications, and treatment protocols.
  • With more than 40 years’ of combined nursing and litigation experience for medical and injury cases, Marjorie knows what is legally and medically required for medical record documentation.
  • As an experienced Registered Nurse, a Nurse-Attorney knows what goes on “behind the scenes” in hospitals and nursing homes.  There are many things that happen (or should happen) that are not documented in the patient’s medical record that may ordinarily be missed or overlooked by others.
  • Because of her experience as a Registered Nurse, Marjorie Chalfant knows what care is required of health care providers, and she knows “the Standard of Care.”  Many health care providers do not take the time needed to carefully examine and properly treat patients.  Some care providers focus on profits rather than patients (known in the industry as “the business of medicine”).  In situations where the patient has a serious medical condition, short cuts can be deadly!
  • Because Marjorie has special expertise in the medical field, she is able to communicate with physicians, nurses and patients.  Nursing practice requires the ability to explain complex medical conditions to patients who do not have knowledge of their own situation.  A Registered Nurse is often the “interpreter,” and the “liaison” between the doctor and the patient.  This skill also works in trial, when jurors without medical knowledge need to understand complicated medical conditions in order to render a verdict in favor of the injured person.
  • Because most lawyers don’t have the medical background and experience that Marjorie Chalfant has, they usually need to hire a nurse or doctor to review and interpret the medical records and sort out what happened.  These “investigation” expenses can be costly and are usually deducted as “costs” from the client’s settlement or verdict.
  • Medical expert testimony is expensive, so Marjorie Chalfant prepares her experts in advance to keep the costs lower.  She organizes the medical records in a special format she developed, and simplifies the medical issues to be addressed, thereby reducing the number of hours an expert must spend to become familiar with the case.
  • There are no “learning curves” for our cases.  A Nurse-Attorney can quickly and easily review your medical records to determine the merits of your case.

Help is Available for Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice throughout Florida

Call me or send an email to schedule a free consultation regarding your case. I represent clients throughout the State of Florida and beyond, and in fact, I am also hired by lawyers in other states throughout the U.S. to help them with their out-of-state injury cases. I handle all medical malpractice and personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning I do not charge a fee unless and until I obtain a financial recovery for you. My fee is a percentage of the amount we recover for you, so you can rest assured that our fees are affordable, and that your Sarasota Bradenton personal injury attorney is working hard to get the maximum amount of compensation for you.

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Because Marjorie has special expertise in the medical field, she is able to communicate with physicians, nurses and patients. Nursing practice requires the ability to explain complex medical conditions to patients who do not have knowledge of their own situation. A Registered Nurse is often the “interpreter,” and the “liaison” between the doctor and the patient. This skill also works in trial, when jurors without medical knowledge need to understand complicated medical conditions in order to render a verdict in favor of the injured person.

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  • 5 Stars Medical Malpractice Client

    I'm so pleased to have Marjorie as my lawyer for my Medical Malpractice case! Right from the start she was so knowledgeable with her nursing background in reviewing my husband's medical records. She is definitely dedicated to her pursuit of getting to the TRUTH with your case no matter what obstacles are thrown in her path. I would highly recommend Marjorie if you feel you have a Medical Malpractice case. Plus, you'll find her exceptionally nice and easy to talk to!!

    Posted by Ellen March 7, 2015
  • 5 Stars I would recommend her to anyone needing a good, dedicated attorney

    I would recommend Marjorie to anyone needing a good, dedicated attorney. The fact that she is also a nurse overwhelms me. She has to earn CEUs in order to keep her license current. This is a woman who is dedicated to what she does. She won't take a case she doesn't think she can win.

    Posted by Anonymous March 7, 2015
  • 5 Stars Double the value

    Ms. Chalfant Has been a professional at every level of service to us. She has expertise in two fields, Nursing and Law. She worked to successfully achieve the maximum insurance settlement, and continues to work hard on our case concerning the death of our infant daughter. With Ms. Chalfant you have every advantage of a professional attorney and A registered Nurse an absolute plus! My wife and I recommend her without reservation.

    Posted by James & Sharon March 6, 2015
  • 5 Stars Marjorie is the BEST!

    I would recommend anyone searching legal advice pertaining to medical malpractice to cll Marjorie! She is extremely knowledgeable due to her many years of being in nursing. We went to numerous attorneys regarding my daughter's injuries and Marjorie is THE ONLY attorney to go above and beyond to research our claims! She is incredibly passionate about what she does and truly does everything possible to fight for you!

    Posted by Kelci October 9, 2014
  • 5 Stars Highly recommend Lawyer especially in the field of medical malpractice. / Skilled in medical documentation.

    My experience with Ms. Marjorie Chalfant in reference to our medical malpractice case is phenomenal, a very complex and highly challenging case that was turned down by several lawyers from the start. Nobody wants to handle/accept this case since it requires a lot of resources and extensive studying, some says its an uphill climb.

    Posted by Johnnie October 1, 2014
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