No two car wrecks in Florida are precisely the same: even two distinct wrecks involving the same cars on the same roadway that collide at the same speed will not produce the same injuries for the drivers and passengers involved. For this reason, it can be difficult to know what steps you need to take following your crash and what steps you can safely “skip” and still protect your health and your legal rights. When it comes to summoning and receiving emergency medical care, car accident victims may legitimately question and disagree with recommendations to receive emergency medical treatment.

Benefits of Calling an Ambulance and/or Proceeding to an Emergency Room

One of the great benefits of obtaining emergency medical treatment (either by an EMS crew or from a local emergency room) is that injuries or conditions that can worsen quickly over time can be promptly detected and addressed. This can prevent you from suffering additional harm. Moreover, making the decision following your crash can help prevent any argument from the allegedly at-fault party that a delay in seeking treatment caused your injuries to be worse than they would have otherwise been.

Are There Drawbacks to Seeking Medical Attention?

There may be certain disadvantages to seeking medical care after your crash as well. In most circumstances, you will be responsible for paying for the cost of such care (at least initially), and some of these costs can be quite steep. Moreover, even if you are not seriously injured, it may be several hours before you are released from the emergency room. This can cause you to miss work or other important obligations.

Still, the benefits of seeking prompt medical attention far outweigh the disadvantages. You are strongly encouraged to contact emergency services and/or seek treatment from a hospital emergency room following a car wreck if:

  • You have obvious injuries – bleeding, broken bones, and other similar injuries are a telltale indicator that you need prompt treatment.
  • You hit your head during the crash, suffered a “whiplash” type injury in which your head suddenly jerks forward and backward due to the force of the impact, or were knocked unconscious for any length of time. Prompt evaluation and treatment is necessary in the event you suffered a traumatic brain injury.
  • You are unsure if you were injured and, if so, to what extent. Obtaining medical evaluation and treatment can put your mind at ease and help assure you that your health is not in serious jeopardy.

When Should I Call The Nurse Attorney, PLLC?

Regardless of whether you contact emergency medical services or visit an emergency room, be sure to contact The Nurse Attorney, PLLC as soon as possible following your Florida car wreck. Marjorie Chalfant will help you protect your legal rights and can provide guidance as to what continuing medical treatment may be appropriate given your injuries. Call (941) 210-4220 today, or send an email.