Our client was an MBA executive driving his new vehicle on the highway when a semi-truck/trailer improperly changed lanes and crashed into our client’s car. The crash caused our client’s vehicle to spin out of control and into a cement barrier. Our client hit his head inside the car but didn’t lose consciousness. His shoulder also hit the inside of the car and was jarred by the seatbelt. Several months later he required surgery for a shoulder impingement syndrome caused by the shoulder injury, but he also became depressed and noticed he wasn’t able to perform his executive tasks at work like he had in the past, especially with mathematics.

Although liability was not disputed, the insurance company for the truck company alleged our client didn’t suffer a closed head injury because he never lost consciousness. Prior to hiring The Nurse Attorney, PLLC, our client was confident he could handle and settle his own claim because of he had an MBA degree and had good negotiating skills. He made reasonable demands to settle his claim for $50,000, but the insurance company refused to offer him more than $10,000. After repeated failed attempts to settle his case, he did his research to find an attorney and decided to hire The Nurse Attorney, PLLC.  Nurse-Attorney Marjorie Chalfant reviewed the gentleman’s medical records and evaluated his case and determined his prior offers of $50,000 were too low for his injuries and damages. After we filed a lawsuit the trucking company paid $175,000 and settled the case.

*Ms. Chalfant’s successful settlements do not guarantee the same or similar result for every case but are presented to demonstrate her knowledge of medicine, personal injury / auto accident litigation skills, and successful track record. Every case is unique with varying facts and circumstances.