Our 40-year-old client was legally stopped on a busy road to make a left-hand turn into her driveway, but a distracted driver behind her failed to stop in time. When the distracted driver crashed into the rear of our client’s vehicle, she was propelled forward and across the centerline and crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle. Our client suffered cervical spine fractures that required surgery, in addition to a brain injury that interfered with her ability to work at her former job.

Although the distracted driver didn’t deny liability, his insurance company alleged our client’s injuries were worsened by her failure to wear a seat belt. The at-fault driver only had $1,500,000 insurance coverage available: $10,000 was paid to the other driver injured from the head-on crash and the remaining $1,490,000 was paid to our client.

*Ms. Chalfant’s successful settlements do not guarantee the same or similar result for every case but are presented to demonstrate her knowledge of medicine, personal injury / auto accident litigation skills, and successful track record. Every case is unique with varying facts and circumstances.