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Marjorie Chalfant, RN, JD

Marjorie Chalfant merges her nursing experience with malpractice law.

Florida nurse attorney Marjorie Chalfant is a Registered Nurse and trial attorney with more than 30 years’ of combined medical-legal experience representing victims of medical malpractice. Prior to becoming an attorney, she worked as a critical care Registered Nurse in numerous hospitals and nursing homes in Central Florida. She also worked at most of the major hospitals in the Seattle area, including Harborview, which is one of the top emergency/trauma centers in the nation. Her nursing expertise focused on Emergency Room, Cardiac Care and Intensive Care Nursing – the most complex and rigorous specialties of nursing care.

Since graduating law school in 1991, Marjorie Chalfant has applied her extensive nursing experience to her law practice. She specializes in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases, representing patients and their surviving family members in medical malpractice and serious auto accident cases.

When difficult cases don’t settle, Marjorie Chalfant is ready to represent her clients through trial to get justice. Knowing the medicine and being familiar with complex medical problems gives her a tremendous advantage in representing injured clients.

Marjorie Chalfant’s nursing background:

After graduating from high school at the age of 16 she attended nursing school and was Vice-President of her nursing class (at the age of 17). Throughout nursing school she worked as a Nursing Assistant in many Florida hospitals and nursing homes. After graduating from nursing school at the age of 18 she continued her college education at the University of Central Florida while working as a Critical Care nurse. While obtaining pre-requisites for law school Marjorie Chalfant managed a cardiac rehabilitation and wellness program for Winter Park Memorial Hospital (now part of the Florida Hospital/Adventist Health System), and started a very innovative pulmonary rehabilitation program for patients suffering with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and other respiratory disabilities.

While attending Seattle University School of Law, Marjorie Chalfant worked at Harborview, a Level I Trauma Center. After graduating from law school she continued to work as a Trauma Nurse at Harborview while building her own specialty medical malpractice and serious injury law firm in the Seattle (Bellevue) area.

Marjorie Chalfant keeps her nursing license active and stays informed on the latest medical practices. She knows the standards of care and what is expected of nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers. As an experienced Registered Nurse, she knows what goes on “behind the scenes” in hospitals and nursing homes, and she is extremely comfortable with reviewing and understanding medical records and complex medical issues.

Marjorie Chalfant’s litigation background:

Although Marjorie Chalfant has experience with a wide variety of legal matters, her most outstanding talent is representing clients in medical malpractice and serious injury cases. Her exceptional results with difficult and complex cases have demonstrated her advantage in having combined careers in nursing and law. In addition to the satisfaction of getting justice for her clients, she enjoys the intellectual challenge and complexity of medical-legal cases.

Marjorie Chalfant has won and settled several multi-million dollar cases, including a $3,000,000.00 jury verdict in an infection case where the defendant lawyers and doctors refused to pay more than $100,000.00. Similarly, she won a $500,000.00 jury verdict in a misdiagnosis case where the defendant physicians and their lawyers refused to pay a dime and expressed their confidence in winning a defense verdict.

She is best known for her medical expertise, aggressive representation of her clients and attention to detail. In addition to practicing law, Marjorie Chalfant provides lectures to other lawyers on trial techniques and medical issues. While practicing law in Washington State she was selected by judges and lawyers as one of the best lawyers in the State, earning prestigious Super Lawyer awards in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Marjorie Chalfant’s personal background:

Marjorie Chalfant has lived in Florida since she was 5 years old (before Disney World and in the days when Busch Gardens was just a garden and a brewery) and attended public schools in the Central Florida area. She relocated to the Seattle area to live with family in the Pacific Northwest and attend law school, but desired to return to the Sunshine State after 15 years of “less-than-sunny” weather.

In addition to her successful careers in law and nursing, Marjorie Chalfant has 4 children ranging in ages from high school through college graduate. She is a board member for the Sarasota Chapter of Florida Association of Women Lawyers.  She is also an avid equestrian, and enjoys riding horses with her daughters.

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