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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse encompasses the actual inflicting, or threat of inflicting, physical pain or injury upon an elderly resident.

Warning Signs: slap marks, unexplained broken bones, bruises, burns (like cigarette marks) or blisters and the majority of pressure marks

If you suspect that your loved one’s injury, illness or premature death is a result of being abused or neglected in a nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement home, the attorneys at The Nurse Attorney may be able to help.  All nursing home negligence and abuse cases are on a contingency fee basis, so if we are not able to obtain a successful financial recovery for you, you pay nothing for our legal services.

There is no charge for a consultation, and there are no costs or fees unless we win your case.  Please call The Nurse Attorney today at (941) 210-4220 or (407) 849-0941, or send us an email at

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