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$2 Million Recovery in the Shooting Death of a 23-year old Mexican Immigrant Man

This tragic case involved two armed assailants entering a southwest Orlando apartment complex, robbing and then shooting to death a 23-year old undocumented Mexican immigrant.  This young man was a hard-working and law-abiding construction worker, who was survived by his elderly parents who still lived in Mexico.  The apartment complex had a cross-guard that had been removed, approximately 50% of the lights were burned out, and the security guard company had stopped sending security guards because the apartment owners failed to pay their bills.  One of the most difficult aspects of this case was obtaining sworn testimony from the owner of the security company, who resisted getting involved.  Mr. Meyers actually obtained his sworn statement while the owner was hospitalized (and suffering a MRSA infection) by simply waiting outside his hospital room door until he was willing to come out and discuss the case.

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