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Sarasota Bradenton Personal Injury Attorney

The law office of The Nurse Attorney, P.A. in the Sarasota Bradenton area handles a wide range of personal injury matters throughout Florida. Below is a brief overview of the firm’s major areas of practice and how we can help. For immediate assistance, contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated Sarasota Bradenton personal injury attorney.

Representing Injured Victims Throughout Florida for Personal Injury Matters

The law office of The Nurse Attorney, P.A. in the Sarasota Bradenton area handles a wide range of personal injury matters throughout Florida. Below is a brief overview of the firm’s major areas of practice and how we can help. Click on a topic for more information, or for immediate assistance, contact our offices for a free consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury lawyer.

Medical Malpractice – We put our health and our very lives in the hands of professionals who are trained to diagnose and treat us correctly. When hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals fail to exercise the proper standard of care, they can and should be held accountable for their negligence or incompetence. As a Critical Care Registered Nurse who worked in numerous hospitals before becoming an attorney, Marjorie Chalfant understands what goes on “behind the scenes” and how doctors and hospitals react to medical mistakes. The Nurse Attorney, P.A. represents victims of the most complex and complicated forms of medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries, misdiagnosis, infections, sepsis and death  from tainted blood and platelet transfusions, and failure to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Auto Accidents – Thousands of people die every year in Florida traffic crashes, and hundreds of thousands more are injured. Florida’s no-fault insurance law provides some measure of compensation for your medical expenses, but these benefits may be as little as only $2,500. Our lawyers help see that you get the maximum in PIP benefits, or represent you in a lawsuit against the negligent driver if you are seriously injured. A “serious injury” in Florida is both a medical and a legal definition. Our deep level of understanding into the medical nature of your injuries proves invaluable in pursuing a claim against an at-fault driver.

Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcyclists are many more times more likely to be injured or killed in a traffic accident than a driver or passenger of a car or truck. To make matters worse, many jurors harbor unconscious biases against bikers and are prone to assign blame to the rider in any given accident. The experienced courtroom lawyers at The Nurse Attorney are adept in evaluating serious injury claims and the costs they involve, as well as persuasively proving when another person’s negligence or distracted driving is to blame in a motorcycle accident.

Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse – We entrust our elders and loved ones to the care of professionals when they can no longer care for themselves and their care is beyond our capabilities to provide. Sadly, the quality of nursing home care varies greatly from place to place, and even within a facility over time due to high staff turnover and lax supervision. When a resident is injured, nursing homes may try to explain away the injury by claiming it was an unavoidable consequence of aging or the resident’s own physical or mental condition. Prior to becoming an attorney, Marjorie Chalfant worked in nursing homes as a registered nurse. Her insight into nursing home operations and patient care can prove critical in evaluating your case and holding nursing home operators accountable when they are in the wrong.

Negligent Security and Premises Liability – Property owners have a duty to keep their premises in safe condition for their customers, workers, or members of the public lawfully on their property. This duty includes making reasonable inspections of the property and promptly fixing or cleaning up any hazardous condition, or posting a warning about the danger until it can be fixed. Property owners who fail to live up to this duty can be liable for slip and fall injuries which occur on their premises, or thefts and assaults which occur due to an unreasonable lack of security. Premises liability cases can be challenging to prove; with over 50 years of combined personal injury experience, our attorneys know how to investigate a slip and fall case, find the evidence, and prepare and present a compelling case for the defendant’s liability.

Brain Damage – A brain injury can cause permanent, life-altering disabilities. It can also be a difficult injury to diagnose and treat properly. With experience as a critical care nurse in numerous Florida hospitals and nursing homes, as well as decades of legal practice handling serious and catastrophic personal injuries, our attorneys understand the difficult medical and legal issues which must be dealt with in a brain damage case, as well as the significant costs and challenges a person living with a brain injury may face over a lifetime.

Wrongful Death – When a negligent, intentional or careless act takes the life of another, Florida law allows the surviving family members to obtain compensation from the responsible party to cover medical bills, funeral expenses and other legal damages, such as the loss of future earnings and household support, and emotional pain and suffering of the spouse or children left behind. Complex rules apply to who can bring a wrongful death action and what can be recovered. Our attorneys apply decades of experience in personal injury and wrongful death matters to provide sound legal advice and professional representation to help grieving and struggling families get the financial help they need to deal with their expenses and move forward in their lives.

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